How to Cook the Perfect Roast Beef

You can never go wrong with a roast beef at the menu for your party. However, you must also know that it is not that easy to make a perfect roast beef that your guests will surely love. Well, in this article, we will give you tips on how you could cook the perfect roast beef.

1.    Choose the right type of beef
It is advisable to use rib of beef, sirloin or a fillet for your roast beef menu. Sirloin and fillet are two of the most favourites among meat lovers while the rib is very tasty since it is cooked on the bone.

You should choose beef that is dark in colour. Dark colour means that it has matured and hung well. It is also good to choose meat that has thick covering of fat as it adds flavour and could prevent the joint from drying out during the cooking. Well, don’t worry because you could remove that layer of fat before you serve it, in case you are concerned about calories and stuff.

2.    Learn about the proper cooking temperature

You could start the beef in a very hot oven 425F/220C/Gas 7 for the first 30 minutes and then you could lower it down to 375F/190C/Gas 5 for the rest of cooking time. Here is a guide to help you calculate your meat cooking:

•    Rare – 11 mins per lb/450g
•    Medium – 14 mins per lb/450g
•    Well done – 16 mins per lb/450g

3.    Cooking Part

It is very essential to remember that an important part of cooking meat any meat for that matter is to make it rest for a while after it is removed from the oven. You should not directly cook it after coming out of the oven.

After some rest, you should wrap the meat loosely in an aluminum foil and then put to one side. The fibers in meat are tightening up during the cooking but the resting period allows the fibers to relax. Then, you could release some meat juices which are great to use as gravy. The result will surely be a tender piece of meat. Usually, 20 minutes are enough but you could extend it to one hour depending on how you want your meat to be done. After that, the joint is ready to carve and serve to your guests.

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