Understanding the different options in Catering

When you go to a catering Adelaide company, one thing you would notice is that it is not as simple as stating the event date and location. The caterer would actually present you with a variety of options which you can select from.

This is actually a good thing as this would allow you to customize your agreement with the catering Adelaide partner to better suit your budget, your preferences, and all the quirks that your guests may have.

Here are some of the different options that the catering company would present to you and what they actually mean:

Options in Catering Style:

When it comes to catering style there are three main options that are offered by the various Catering Adelaide groups; these are finger food, buffet or seated meal.

Finger food would refer to the style wherein waiters would just go around the area and would have finger food (examples: pigs in blanket, crackers, cheeses, shrimp cocktails, etc.) where people would be able to pick from. This is best suited for quick stand up events where people are not exactly going to be hungry.

Buffet style would usually mean a continuous supply of food for your guests. In this setup, the catering Adelaide staff would lay out tables wherein guests could come in and get the food that they would want. This is a good setup for dinners or lunch events where guests are expecting to get fed and be full.

The seated meal refers to the style where in the catering company would already prepare the entire plate that the guests would be eating. They would just bring these ready meals to the guests when it’s time to eat. This is a great option if you already know the exact number of guests that would appear and would want to control costs.

Options in support:

Some catering companies would provide you with wait staff for the entirety of the event. They would be able to simulate a restaurant setting wherein waiters would be helping guests for everything they need.

If you are on a budget, there are some catering companies who would scale back on the wait staff and would just provide help for those people who are getting food. These are often done for buffet style catering meals.

When it comes to choosing options it would be wise to remember your budget and the event that you are holding. There are some situations in which different options are more suitable than others.

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