What to ask from your Caterer?

Getting a catering Melbourne partner to do the food preparation for your events is always a good option. This is because a great caterer would be able to help whizz you off the usual troubles of having to prepare and present the food yourself.

When selecting a catering Melbourne partner, it would be a good idea to scrutinize the various companies that are available. Doing this would help get you the best deals.

Here are some questions which you should ask your caterers.

What kind of food do you prepare?

The first question that you should ask your potential Catering Melbourne partners is the type of food that they prepare. You should note that there are some caterers who have specialty when it comes to cuisine or to the types of food that they can prepare. You should inquire about their services and see if their food would be able to suit the theme of the event that you are planning.

You may even want to ask them if they are open to holding taste tests. This way you would be able to truly understand if the food that they serve is up to par to the quality of the event.

Which locations do they service and are the china, silverware, plates and chairs included?

The next question you should ask a Melbourne catering company is related to logistics. First off, you should inquire if they would actually be able to service the place that you are planning to hold the event. There are some companies who may not be willing to travel to certain areas due to a variety of concerns.

Next is to ask if they would actually be bringing in china, silverware and other dining tools aside from the food that they are about to serve. There are some catering groups who do this which could help you in planning your event better.

How much would it cost me?

Of course all of the services that you would get from your Catering Melbourne Company would come at a cost. As such, you should inquire on how much you would actually pay for contracting their services.

When asking about the price, you should also remember that you may need to tack on a little more on top of the initial costs. This is because you could encounter some extra expenses in the form of either having to order additional food for unexpected guests, or perhaps for breakage/replacement of items that your guests may accidentally break.

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